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Snowboard bindings guide

Snowboard bindings guide

When choosing new snowboard bindings, it is important to pay attention to a number of things. There are many different models and types of snowboard bindings, as you can see we do not sell all the bindings available on the market and that is not without reason, there is a lot of difference between the brands and models.

Strap bindings are the best snowboard bindings.

The purpose of a snowboard binding is to transfer your movements from your body to your snowboard and vice versa. This requires a transmission that is as efficient as possible with as little play as possible between the bindings and the snowboard boots. The first coupling piece is your foot in a snowboard shoe and this then goes into a snowboard binding, to minimize the play you want to have as little play as possible in your shoe and then a shoe that has as little play as possible with the binding where it get trapped. Read more about the fits and differences that you should pay attention to when choosing snowboard boots.

sounds simple anyway, just tighten well! Not entirely, you don't want to pinch your foot, you must have had a cramp and that was probably due to incorrectly fitting shoes and / or bindings. Because if you have too much play, you have to compensate with muscle strength, and since you use snowboarding with muscles in your foot that normally do not have to work so hard, you get cramp.

But why then a strap binding? These are best adjusted on a snowboard shoe and distribute the pressure the very best so you have a more efficient transfer with less cramping and pressure points. So far there is nothing that can compete with price and quality. The advantage of "quick" kick-in, which is the big advantage with a "click" or "entry-level" bond, does not outweigh a good fitting bond. If you are practiced with a strap binding, you are just as quickly whether or not faster than someone with an entry-level model.

There is also a difference between the strap bindings, usually the more expensive the binding, the more luxurious it is and the better it can be adjusted on your snowboard shoe. This rule does not always apply, many bindings are also focused on a specific driving style and this can also have an effect on the price. Do you want extensive advice about which binding suits you best or do you have a quick question about one of the bindings please give us a call! You can also always visit our store in Amsterdam!

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