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Orders placed before 16:00 shipped the same day
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Snowboard bindings Guide

Comprehensive Guide to Choosing Snowboard Bindings: Top Brands and Tips for a Perfect Fit

When selecting new snowboard bindings, it's essential to consider various factors. There are numerous models and types of snowboard bindings on the market, and as you can see, we don't offer all available bindings. This is for a good reason: there are significant differences between brands and models.

Why Strap Bindings Are the Best Snowboard Bindings

The purpose of snowboard bindings is to efficiently transfer your movements from your body to your snowboard and vice versa. For this, optimal transmission is needed, with as little play as possible between the bindings and snowboard boots. To minimize this play, it's important to have well-fitting boots and choose a binding that perfectly matches your boot. Read more here about the fit and differences to consider when choosing snowboard boots.

Strap bindings are best for adjusting to snowboard boots and distribute pressure most effectively, resulting in more efficient transmission with less cramping and pressure points. So far, no other binding type can compete with strap bindings in terms of price and quality. The quick entry and exit, which is a significant advantage of click or step-in bindings, does not outweigh a well-fitting strap binding. With enough practice, you'll be just as fast, if not faster, with strap bindings compared to a step-in system binding.

Differences Between Strap Bindings

There are also some differences between strap bindings. Generally, more expensive bindings are more luxurious in terms of fit and can be better adjusted to your snowboard boot. However, this rule doesn't always apply, as many bindings are specifically designed for certain riding styles, which can also influence the price.

Advice and our collection

To select the ideal snowboard binding for your specific riding style, consider the following factors:

  1. Flex: Snowboard bindings come in various flex ratings, from soft to stiff. Soft bindings offer more freedom of movement and are better suited for freestyle riders, while stiffer bindings provide increased responsiveness and are ideal for all-mountain and freeride snowboarders.

  2. Highback: The highback is the vertical part of the binding that supports your calf and controls your heel-side turns. A taller highback provides more support and response, while a shorter or more flexible highback allows for greater mobility and is sometimes preferred by freestyle riders.

  3. Baseplate: The baseplate is the part of the binding that connects to the snowboard. It can be made of various materials, such as plastic, aluminum, or carbon fiber. Lightweight materials like carbon fiber offer better response and power transmission, while more flexible materials like plastic deliver a comfortable and forgiving ride.

  4. Strap System: Strap bindings use a combination of ankle and toe straps to secure your boot in place. Ankle straps provide support and control, while toe straps help to maintain a snug fit and improve response. Look for straps with ample padding and easy-to-use adjustment systems for maximum comfort and convenience.

  5. Compatibility: Ensure that the bindings you choose are compatible with your snowboard's mounting system. There are different mounting standards, such as 2x4, 4x4, and The Channel, so double-check the compatibility before purchasing. You can always ask us is the store if a certain binding is compatible with your snowboard.

To find the perfect snowboard binding, consider your riding style, personal preferences, and budget. Our extensive assortment of snowboard bindings features top brands and various models to cater to different rider needs. If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to contact us or visit our store in Amsterdam.

If you'd like detailed advice on which binding is best for you or if you have a quick question about one of the bindings, don't hesitate to contact us! You can also always visit our store in Amsterdam.

Check out our full range of snowboard bindings here for the perfect choice.

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