Orders placed before 16:00 shipped the same day
30 days reflection period
Personalized customer service
Orders placed before 16:00 shipped the same day
30 days reflection period
Personalized customer service

Returns & exchanges

All orders can be returned and exchanged at our store in Amsterdam, come by and we will be happy to help you try on a different size or take your online order.



How should I return the product?

You return your order with all accessories supplied and - if reasonably possible - in original condition and packaging. We therefore recommend that you always carefully open the shipping box and original gasket, so that you can use it again to return the order.

1. Register.

Register your return. Enter your details to create a return label.

2. Pack.

Place the item(s) you would like to return and this return form, back in the box you received them in or any other solid carton box. Close the box securely, using sufficient tape.

Don't forget to remove the old shipping label!

3. Send it.exe

Take it to your preferred drop off point within 5 workdays or wait for your pick up.

4. Refund or exchange.

As soon as our distribution center has received your return, you will receive within 14 working days a refund to the relevant bank or credit card company. Or a customized invoice.


Processing your return.

If you are not satisfied with an item(s), you can return it/them within 30 days on the condition that the item(s) are returned in good condition. This means that the articles cannot be damaged, dirty or have been modified or worn, and that all the labels are still attached.

Register your return. Select the item(s) you want to return and choose the desired return method. You will get all the information you need when you start the return process.

From the time you submit your order at your preferred drop off point, it may take a week before we receive your return at our shop.

After receiving the package, each returned order is checked thoroughly. If it appears that your return is undamaged, unworn, smoke & dirt free and has been returned within the time limit, you will receive a credit note by email. From here, we will transfer the refund of your purchase price to the relevant bank or credit card company.

Depending on the bank or credit card company, this may take up to three days to fully process and hit your account.

Return options.

If you register the return via the portal, you can choose from various shipping options. It is possible with us to pick up a return at your home or you can choose delivery to a DHL, UPS or DPD parcel point.


Why should you pay for return shipping instead of it being free? The answer lies in our dedication to quality, customer service, and the environment. Let's explore why this is actually a fair and advantageous approach for both you as a consumer and us as a seller.

  1. Quality and affordability: Our products are carefully selected and of high quality. We've chosen not to include return shipping costs in our prices so that we can keep our products affordable for you. This enables us to offer a wide range of quality products without placing a heavy burden on your wallet.

  2. Personal experience: We understand that you may sometimes need to see or try a product in person before making a decision. That's why we warmly invite you to visit our store in Amsterdam. Everything you see online is also available in our physical store. Here, you can receive personal advice and even exchange your online purchases for a different size or color at no extra cost.

  3. Environmental awareness: We are committed to reducing our ecological footprint and striving for sustainability in everything we do. By discouraging returns, we reduce CO2 emissions and the use of packaging materials required for returning products. This contributes to a cleaner and greener planet for us all.

  4. Flexibility and understanding: We understand that not every product will be perfect for every customer. That's why we offer flexible return policies and are always ready to help you find a solution that works for you. Whether it's exchanging an online purchase in-store or returning a product, we aim to make your experience as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

  5. Convenience of in-store exchange: In our Amsterdam store, we offer you the option to exchange online purchases directly for another product. This means you don't have to wait for a return processing and the associated hassle. You can drop by anytime to exchange an online purchase and also receive personal advice and assistance in selecting the right product or size.

In conclusion, while paying for return shipping may not always seem ideal, we hope you understand that this is a fair and beneficial approach for both you and us as a seller. We appreciate your support and trust and look forward to welcoming you to our store in Amsterdam, where we're ready to assist you with all your needs and preferences.


Return conditions, you can return the order if:

  • The trial period of 30 days after receipt of the item (s) has not yet expired
  • Article (s) is / are unworn (fitting is of course possible)
  • Article (s) is / are undamaged
  • Article (s) is / are provided with attached labels and / or stickers
  • Article (s) is / are packed in original packaging if possible with supplied warranty certificates and instructions for use
  • Item (s) is / are provided with any gift items that you received with the order.

If the product does not meet these requirements, the return will not be accepted, and the product can either be picked up in the store or sent back at the customer's expense.



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