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Thermal underwear

When you go on a winter holiday or into the mountains, good clothing is very important. In the snow you usually work with layers, 3 to be precise.

Your "first layer" or thermal clothing can vary from a very thin merino / polyester shirt and / or pants to a thicker version of this. The first layer has the function of keeping your skin dry, so you want something that can absorb a lot of moisture and pass it on to the outside so that when you perspire your skin stays dry. Because of this your body will stay better at the right temperature, because if you start sweating in the mountains you can get cold uncomfortably very quickly. Merino wool is a softer wool variant that can absorb a lot of moisture without getting "wet", so it absorbs your perspiration and passes it on to the outside. Your second layer or "mid layer" is the insulating part, depending on the temperature you can play with it, if it is extremely cold you can opt for a thick fleece cardigan or something with down. If it is warmer you can put on a thinner second insulating layer. This also has to do with how much effort you are going to make, if you are going to make a big hike you will not have to wear a very thick second layer and if you are going to drink beer all day on the terrace you better have a thick layer attract!;)

Your third layer (snowboard / ski jacket and snowboard / ski pants) is usually what you call a shell, often this is combined with an insulation layer (mid-layer). Your third layer (shell) is to keep the elements out, there is a difference here, but the goal is to be water and windproof. Many people think that a jacket for winter sports should be thick and warm, but this is not entirely true, the thinnest "shell" jackets are actually the most ideal, because they can be used in all conditions and you can use them depending on the temperature. Layers under the jacket work to adapt to all weather conditions.

Do you want to know more about technical clothing or do you need advice on choosing the right stuff for the mountains? Feel free to give us a call or drop by the store for comprehensive and professional advice!

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