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Snowboardboots fitting guide

The perfect snowboard boot.



Your snowboard boots are perhaps the most important item of your entire equipment, if these are not properly seated, pinched or have slack, then you probably will not have a nice day on your board. Your snowboard shoes are the connecting piece of your body to your snowboard and it is therefore logical that if there is some slack in this you will get problems on the mountain.

Choosing snowboard boots is very personal, because everyone has different feet and all brands have a different fit. It is therefore highly recommended to fit shoes in the store, because a shoe can fit very well, but that does not mean that it is the right shoe. With snowboard shoes you pay attention to other factors than when buying a normal shoe, after all you do not buy it for walking but for snowboarding.

Be the first to consider what kind of shoe would suit you as a snowboarder, it is often thought that you have different shoes for different driving styles, but this is not entirely true. You look more at the level of the driver and his specific preference. Someone who snowboard in the fun park does not always wear very weak boots or vice versa, it depends on how your snowboard and what your level is. Are you someone who goes especially fast, has a stiffer snowboard ride and has a good level? Then you probably want some stiffer boots, are you a beginner and do you take it easy in the mountains, then a bit sleepier, more forgiving boots might be something for you. In between anything is possible, boots are made in all shapes and sizes and by fitting and thinking carefully about your wishes it should not be a problem to find the right snowboard shoe for you.

Trial and error.

If your shoes are going to fit you first want to know if the size is right, you do this by putting on the snowboard shoe completely as if you were going to snowboard and then stand up. You can now touch the front with your toes when you stand upright, most snowboard shoes are made to shape to your foot and you can therefore assume that there will still be a little space at the front. If you bend your knees slightly and stand in an "active" position, your feet will slide back a little bit as a result of which your toes will just come loose from the front. If this is the case you know that you have found the right size :)

What you have to pay attention to with fitting is play, you do not want this. Now this is also the reason why finding the perfect shoe is difficult, because you can put on many shoes so tightly that you no longer have any play, but then you lose a lot of comfort. So you have to look for the perfect middle ground, a shoe that fits perfectly on your foot so that the pressure is distributed nicely over your foot. Because of this you have no pressure points when it is good, while a shoe can still sit very tightly around your foot. Because everyone has different feet, this is always a quest, a lot of good snowboard shoes are produced by different brands, but these are not all suitable for everyone, which is why it is so important to adapt them and compare them with other snowboard shoes. This gives you a good idea of ​​the different fits and types of snowboard boots.

Laces Fast lace? Boa? Which lace / pull system is the best?

This depends on your personal wishes, do you think it is important that your snowboard boots go on and off quickly and easily? Then look for boots with a guest-lace or boa system. If you want shoes that are easier to adjust and easy to repair, then the good old laces still remain king, it is not for nothing that the most expensive shoes still have laces. Although the fast pull-on systems are very good, there is still nothing that can compete with a good boat with good old laces. Anyway, it is certainly a lot more important how the shoe fits, we often see that someone wants a snowboard shoe with a fast-lacing system, but in which ultimately a shoe with laces is the best, or the other way around!

All in all it is therefore the most important to fit, this is the only way to be sure that you find the right shoe that fits your feet and driving style. And try not to capture too much on that one trendy adidas snowboard shoe that you have seen because it may just be that it does not fit well at all on your feet, or of course it does;) If you are at the top of the mountain in a thick suit powder is ready to drop in, it doesn't matter what your boots look like if they fit perfectly.

Drop by and try!

We are available 7 days a week to help you with snowboard shoes, come along with extensive advice and to fit snowboard shoes in our comfortable Chesterfield set while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee!

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