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Orders placed before 16:00 shipped the same day
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By Sven, 11 october 2019

Which snowboard size fits you the best?

At Behind The Pines we want to help you find the perfect gear that fits your riding style. The length of a snowboard is an important part of that. The better the fit between you and your gear, the more fun you will experience on the slopes, park or powder. After reading the article, you still have questions about the length of your snowboard? You can always call us or drop by the store. We will explain everything to you while enjoying a cup of coffee.


Weight determines.

In the past it was always said: "A snowboard must be between chin and nose length." Well this is pretty short said and certainly not always true. The biggest variable when choosing the right snowboard length is your weight. The heavier you are, the longer your board must be. This has to do with the heavier you are, the more kilos that press on the snowboard surface. Too much pressure on the snowboard makes bending too easy, which translates into instability. If you can't put enough pressure on a snowboard, a board can feel awkward.


Beginner, intermediate or a true expert.

Not only your weight is important. The level where you at, as a snowboarder, is also very important for the length. If you have just started snowboarding, you want a slightly shorter board. The board is easier to turn and bends more easily in the direction that you want. If, on the other hand, you are a seasoned mountain fanatic, you may want a slightly longer board. This gives you more stability at high speeds and keeps itself much tighter on its sides.


It's all about style.

Does riding style also determine the length of your snowboard? Hell yes! If you only hang out in the fun park and ride rails all day, you want a shorter and more agile board than when you are carving. When freestyling in the park you don't need a long board that offers maximum stability. You just want a board that rotates easily with different tricks. For carving at high speed you need that stability, so you don't bounce in all directions.


The perfect length is ...

So what length do I need exactly? Many snowboard brands give a table with which height belongs to which weight. This differs per snowboard and per brand, since flex and shape also determine driving behavior. It is therefore wise to look up your weight in the size charts, and to take the recommended size as a starting point. We add these tables to our website so that you get the right board under your feet.


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Come visit us!

Do you find it very difficult to choose or do you want to be more than certain about your decision? You are very welcome in our store, and we will select the suitable board based on your requirements.

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